Dance Meditation / Sacred Dance


Barbara Perry chf

A growing number of people are discovering the joy and inner peacefulness of Dance Meditation. Everything in creation is dancing, from quarks to leaves in the trees to planets, stars and galaxies in their orbits. Join us to experience art, dance, healing, wisdom, uplifting music and spirituality

A little about Sacred Dance…

Our lives can be fragmented by the challenges of stressful living. Sacred Dance can help bring about a greater integration and harmony between body, mind and spirit. It has roots in the European classical and folk-dance traditions. As we dance in circles to beautiful and inspiring music, a sense of community can develop. Sacred Dance can lead one to experience true joy, as well as offering moments of deep inner stillness and peace!

Experience the joy of circle dancing with others and a sense of well-being and belonging.

Facilitated by Barbara Perry who trained with several teachers but the most transformative influence has been her encounter with Friedel Kloke-Eibl founder of the Association of Dance Meditation / Sacred Dance in Germany, under whose direction she undertook an intensive training over several years.